2016 CTI Individual: Money Money Money

Creators: Monique Dikmoet started working in the film industry since 1999. She worked as a researcher, interviewer and writer, first assistant to directors and producers. Together with Patrick and several other members she started the film production company FilmTent. After a 10 year break she is back as a producer, who develops and produces short feature film, documentaries and television/online series. Besides that Monique also teaches Dutch and society.

Patrick Thompson, currently residing in Rotterdam, has been working in the audiovisual and entertainment industry for the past 15 years. He has extensive experience as a producer on award-winning short films and documentaries. Since 2012, Patrick Thompson has been focusing on the creative side of filmmaking as a writer & director. Patrick Thompson h as also worked on game development, organized photo exhibitions, presided over an art installation, and is an avid photographer.

Malumba Anderson, born and raised in Oakland California, started acting in 1980. As a resident of Rotterdam, the Netherlands he started acting with and directing young urban people from all over the world. Theatre is his passion. As a stage director and writer, he brings out the best of talents from these youngsters. He lets them act, sing, dance, write, film, built up sets, work the lights and make everything sound good.

Project: Horace Black Johnson, award winning movie director, is a drunk and almost in the gutter. In Money Money Money, a play in a play adjusted as a television series and filmed for a live studio audience, Horace gets one last chance to shine again. Really soon he realises that he is being set up for failure with a contract deal by his studio producers. They force him to go to Holland, Europe and direct a sitcom for television and work with non-union actors, amateurs and even local people picked up from the street.

In Money Money Money 2 storylines develop. When the director says action the audience watches the story of the Surinamese creole family Pina, a very religious family who struggles to make ends meet. They suddenly become very rich when after a bank robbery the oldest grandchild David comes home with a lot of cash and bank papers.

When the director says cut or more yells cut cut cut and loses his temper, the actor becomes themselves and start arguing with him and each other. During those breaks, the audience witnesses the struggle of Horace Black Johnson.

Much to everybody’s surprise Money Money Money becomes a major box office hit. The universal story of people struggling showcased in a unique way and developed even further in multiple episodes is something people can relate to.

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