2016 CTI TRAILER – Bitter Fruit

Creator: A writer/director/producer for 12 years, Juliette McCawley’s short films have been screened in festivals in China, Chile, Trinidad, Cuba, England and Canada. Originally from Trinidad, Juliette McCawley spent 15 years as an actor before directing her first short in the US. After moving to Shanghai, she spent the next 5 years producing, writing and directing short films and corporate videos for several Fortune 500 companies. She was also a founding member of the East West Theatre Company in Shanghai. In 2010 she studied Advanced Film Directing at Central Film School London. Since her return to Trinidad she has written, produced and directed documentaries, short films and feature projects.


“Bitter Fruit” is an eight part drama/suspense mini-series, each episode is 45 minutes in length. It tells the story of a woman’s journey from poverty, rejection and heartbreak to success and fortune, only to face the ultimate betrayal.

On the eve of her 60 th birthday, wealthy businesswoman Selina Worth, finds her world is threatened when an anonymous blackmailer threatens to expose her as a murderer. Her much younger brother is angry and confused that anyone would make such a claim about his kind hardworking sister. She sits him down however and begins to tell him the true story of their family, her rise from poverty and the ill fated love that led to her ultimate sacrifice. Each episode is a different chapter of her life is shown in flashback – the lengths she went to succeed despite coming from great poverty, to the enemies she made and the heartbreaks she endured along the way. As she recounts the past she also tells the story of the lifelong love for her childhood sweetheart Michael Evers – the son of a corrupt politician, who was loved as well by her cruel but beautiful sister.

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