3 in 1 Day in Staniel Cay

For the Future of Exuma: A Series of Short Films
Produced by A Sustainable Future for Exuma

Filmed and edited by Siri Linn Brandsøy and Suneeta Rani Gill with additional camera by Tarjei Langeland
Video, binaural and field recordings

3 in 1 Day in Staniel Cay
A montage of three days spent in Staniel Cay encapsulating the perspectives of Vivian Rolle, (backyard Farmer, store and inn owner, postmistress and community change-maker) and Steven Miller (local government representative, electrician and airport administrator) who both juggle multiple roles in the social flows of the island. Filmed during what Vivian calls the “3 in 1 Day” — the busy arrival of the mailboat that brings essential supplies to the Cays.

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