A Deconstruction of Homages | An Analysis of Techniques Mirrored.

This is something I made as part of my Film School Portfolio a while back, to try and showcase the deliberation behind most of the artistic choices within my first experimental short film “Rattle The Snake”. It was also a platform to showcase some of the films and filmmakers that inspired my thinking at the time of my making it, two years back.
The short in full was posted to YouTube a while back, but due to copyright violations was taken down almost immediately. However, I didnt really mind because it was fairly rough, and incomprehensible. If you would like to see a full version of it it can be found on the link below. I believe it’s available in certain regions. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92VtcBYva9c ]
*(Note: the tag “Shaun of the Sheep” need be replaced by “Shaun of the Dead”.)

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