a telephone poem.

…It was one of these days you can’t really remember later in life. All memory is blurred in a kind of purple haze, shear reason gets knocked down and the next thing you know, hormones, endorphins, adrenaline and whatever crazy chemical the body can think of are flushing through your veins. Shouting, dancing and creating all kind of havoc. Your face turns a pink red and the muscles around your mouth and nose form an intensely stupid smile that could get you admitted to a funny farm if you came across the wrong people. It must have been love! The most mind blowing of all drug induced voyages. I like to remember nice moments of my life. It gives me the feeling that I must be doing something right…

This short film was created as a side project as we shot two music videos for the artist Julian Le Play together with Alexander Neipp on location in Los Angeles, Victorville, Lancaster, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon and some other locations in between California and Arizona. Thanks for everybody involved!

a film by Mario Feil
framing by Arthur Oleszczuk
performed by Michelle Argyris & Julian Brand
produced by Tini Schwarz & Rocco Kopecny
edit & sound by Johannes Hubrich
post by Storz&Escherich

based on “a telephone poem” by Kai Seekings
narrated by Jim Osmond Williams & Michelle Argyris
music by Loscil

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