Aakhir Pal (2013) – A shortfilm by Malik Gillani – HD

A shortfilm by Malik Gillani

A bit of an abstract idea regarding the mindset of the Muslims post 9/11 and the current situation in Karachi / Pakistan. Perplexity in the psyche of the people living here.
Right, wrong, halaal, haraam…. What to do, what not to do…
Devotion, fanaticism… Who’ll illustrate the factual Islam…
Someone has to formulate the divergence!!!

Director’s Cut:
Aakhir Pal is a thought laid by Malik Gillani in 2007 when he was studying at Karachi School of Art.
Although written in 2007 it fits completely in current situation of Karachi city, the city once called THE CITY OF LIGHTS.The story depicts the terrorism / fanaticism in a very abstract manner.
2/3rd of this film is in black and white, black and white symbolizes that the person is trapped in his own cadaver, and got painted within his being in the lifeless colors of his vicinity.
A normal karachi-ite, leading a normal life in current conditions of the city where parents are always in a constant doubt whether their children are going to come back home safely…
The protagonist wakesup from a nightmare, he sees some glimpses as if he is still in that era where we were not independent and ruled by others. There are some thoughts constantly lingering in his mind..
There’s a holy cloth on which muslims recite and conduct their prayers, right besides that there’s an ipod and right next to it the protagonist is sketching (which is quite an irony) and trying to be happy but then suddenly his inner voice starts to shiver his soul and he starts crying, here in a very abstract manner i have tried to show that how media and higher religious authorities (molvi hazraat) manipulate peoples mind and control them as a puppet where an individual’s mind stops working..
Then the protagonist breaks all the norms and steps out of his vicinity (from here the color indulges in the frames) he goes in the crowd of people, thinks that indeed we are a free nation but we are not free actually, we are not as independent as we look like, every other moment we have a doubt as if this is our last breath, the protagonist passes through the crowd, stops at one point and try to feel the independence, but before he could even have a small little moment of freedom, suddenly there occurs a blast (the everyday situation in Karachi/Pakistan)..

Syed Atif Hussain Rizvi: A character animator working with Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy in their N.G.O
“CAP” (Citizens Archive of Pakistan). Working as an animator for the past 4 years, acting was always
his first love. Atif has worked in many shortfilms / animated series and collaborated in many projects
with “CAP”. He plans to join Napa in coming month.

Malik Gillani: A Senior Animator at Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy Films (SOC Films), an animator by profession but a Film-Maker at heart. Got rave reviews & won awards for his conceptual 3d-Shortfilm “In Search of Light” by the jury members from Dawn News and Geo Tv in Youth Film Festival 2009. Malik has worked on many national and international projects like: Bankay Mian Ki Qawali, Commander Safeguard, Dettol Warriors, Waar (Pakistani Movie), Seedlings (Pakistani Movie), Mansour (U.A.E Animated series), Shabiyat (U.A.E Animated series) and most recently a Hollywod movie Big Ass Spider a.k.a Mega Spider as an Animator.
Almost a year ago Malik Gillani came up with a music video “Waadey” but what made Waadey different from others is the fact that it was the first ever full fledged 3d animated music video of Pakistan.
Waadey was screened exclusively at Karachi’s well known Film Festival “Gandhara Film Festival”.
Malik Gillani also plans to send this shortfilm in Film Festivals all around the world..

Actor: Syed Atif Hussain Rizvi a.k.a Shahrukh
Music / Background Score: Freyan A. Mavalwala
Voiceover / Writter / D.o.P / Post Prod / Direction: Malik Gillani


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