Team 1106 Films short film “ABADDON” created for the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project. Directed by Doug Strong, Written by Kelson Hargis, Produced by Tommy Kowolonek, Production Assistant Pamela Plummer, Starring Amanda Goodwin, Hannah Goodman, Luka Ashley Carter, Barbra Myers and Michael Dean Conley. Cinematography Doug Strong, Edited by Doug Strong, Set Design Barbra Myers, Makeup Luka Ashley Carter, Boom Mic Kelson Hargis and Tommy Kowolonek, Original Music by Brooks Hubbert and Dawg Yawp. This is the first year for us doing the 48 Hour Film Project and our first fiction short. We wrote, shot, edited and scored our film in 48 Hours. We had some required elements to include in our short film. 1. Character : Virginia Young, a chili cook-off winner. 2. Prop : a chalkboard. 3. Line of dialogue : “Did you enjoy yourself last night”.

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