All That Remains (2010)

“All That Remains” – A Cody Blue Snider Film

I was 18 and attending my first year of film school at SVA when I wrote “All That Remains.” I dropped out of school after one semester and used $15,000 of my remaining tuition to make “All That Remains” on film at the age of 19. It won me awards internationally and launched my directing carear.

Thank you for watching and I hope you guys enjoy it.
Management: Circle Of Confusion – Zach Cox & Dave Alpert
Agency: WME – Sarah Self, Solco Schuit, Roger Green, Alec Botnick

Best Film at DIY Film Festival, Best Director at DIY Film Festival, Fan Favorite at Black Bear Film Festival, Best Cinematography At the Los Angeles Movie Awards, Best Production design At the Los Angeles Movie Awards and Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards. Award of Excellence at Canada International Film Festival, Nominated Best short Narrative at Trail Dance Film Festival, Nominated Best Short at Myrtle Beach International Film Festival and recognized by Best of fest as the top 5% of Independent films in the world for 2010.

Official Selection Of :
Canada International Film Festival, Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, Stony Brook Film Festival, Bend Film Festival, Cincinnati International Film Festival, Black Bear Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, Los Angeles Movie Awards, DIY Film Festival, Trail Dance Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival and Best of Fest.

Credits (Keys):
Directed/written – Cody Blue Snider
Produced/Line Produced – Alex Kurze
Executive Produced – Dee Snider
Co-produced – Cody Blue Snider
Assosiate Producer – Jesse Blaze Snider
Based on “Citizen D” By Jesse Blaze Snider
Directors of photography – Troy Sola and Alex Chinnici
Edited By Brian Denny and Cody Blue Snider
Production Design – Dirby
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe – Suzette Snider
Special FX Makeup – Brian Spears
Original Score – Andy Garfield
Additional music – Sigur ros
Sound Designers – Denny Micnerney Jay Pellizzi

Starring: James Murphy, Kyle Klause, Dee Snider, Sarahann Ward, Brianne Howey, Jeremy Oshea and with Mick Foley

Synopsis: Cody Blue Snider tells the powerfully disturbing story of a WW2 Veteran with dementia, endlessly suffering in a confused world of the past, present and a lifetime of painful losses with Death as his only companion. When salvation presents itself in the form of a compassionate hospital nurse, a glimmer of hope is rekindled in the joyless old man’s heart. It all comes crashing down when the old man becomes convinced that Death intends to take this simple joy away from him as well. To end his misery, he strikes a deal with Death to wipe out a gang of mobsters, only to find Death has no master …and his own salvation.