AMERICAN MALE: presented by MTV Networks

AMERICAN MALE is a winner of MTV’s Look Different Creator Competition, which invited emerging filmmakers to create groundbreaking films on the topic of privilege. To learn more, visit


Produced by: MTV Networks
Stars: Rob August, Michael Madden, Connor Williams
Director, Writer, Editor: Michael Rohrbaugh
Producers: Warren Christophel, Michael Rohrbaugh, Joe Bohn
Director of Photography: Luca del Puppo
Associate Producer: Stephen Lacombe
Production Manager: Melissa Spitzer
1st AD: Joe Bohn
2nd AD: Natalie Metzger
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini
2nd Unit Camera: Tim Davis
1st AC: Yoshihiro Kinoshita
Gaffer: Tim Davis
Key Grip: Rob Auld-Wrigh
Public Affairs: Casey Acierno
Casting Director: Dylan Jury
Background Casting: Jaimie Beebe
Production Audio: Jesse Akins
Grafitti: Paul Nassar, Chloe Hakakian, Eric Garcia

Color: Andrew Francis
Music: Louie Schultz, Adam Lasus
Vocals: Keeley Bumford
Sound Design: Stephanie Gangel
Sound Mix: Louie Schultz & Joel O’Neill
Graphics: Joel Pomonik

Otto Nemenz Camera
Renee Mulcare
Cine Power & Lights
Melissa Spitzer
Casey Acierno
John Fenoglio
Jocelyn Recendez