Astronaut Camp

This is a short piece I served as Director and Cinematographer for in the Summer of 2016. It was created as a part of Actor John D’Aquino’s acting camp called “Camp Hollywood.” This was the second year I was invited to participate, having served as Cinematographer for two of the films in 2015, helmed by Japheth Gordon. Shane Brady wrote and had a supporting role along side the wonderful Jim O’Heir, who joined us as well – a treat!

During the camp, our young actors workshop and develop through readings and classes leading up to the shoot. We accomplished the filming of the 15 page script in a single day at BVS Studios in Burbank, CA – in very large part to the focus of everyone involved. That process is wrapped up with a screening at the end of the camp week that includes well regarded industry veterans. Warmest thanks to the entirety of our cast, crew, and to the parents as well!

I would like to pointedly recognize Kira, Donovan, Joshua, Orli, Maverick, Marin, and Owen for their hard work and firm commitment throughout the day. My best to you all on the grand adventures ahead of you!

Please note that this piece will evolve in the coming months, as we plan to do additional sound design and mix work, as well as a possible new score, and additional color correction.

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