Atlas’ Revenge

Atlas’ Revenge took 1st Place in the Industry Animation Category of the 2010 SIGGRAPH SpaceTime Competition and Exhibition. Congrats to all who contributed.

This is the collective final project of the UCF Dept of Digital Media’s Visual Language Track, class of ’09.

Atlas is a playful fish whose world is literally turned up-side-down when a seemingly ominous force is introduced to his tank.

Set in Venice, Italy, Atlas’ Revenge is animated to the thrilling orchestral arrangment of the same name by world-class composer, Dr. Stella Sung.

My primary role held was editor, however I had a hand in everything from scripting and storyboards to animation, lighting and compositing. As editor, I devised an archiving system to streamline shots-in-progress for dailies and eventual final HD rendering. I also led efforts to promote this film through the development of a website and facebook fan page.

Find out more about UCF’s Visual Language Track or the rest of my amazing team behind “Atlas’ Revenge” at or .

The Team:
Creighton Ashton / Kenn Bell / Paul Blackford / Bruce Boman / Ricky Carlton / Josh Dugan / Lauren Fattal / Greg Hall / Zach Hansen / Doug Hardy / Nick Hoefly / Stuart Jones / Shannon Kroll / Kendall Litaker / Kyle Luo / Rob Lutz / Brice Miret / Daniela Morad / Mike Navarro / Kenneth Peter / Mike Sanders / Kevin Sternschein / Nathan Szerdy / Khuong Tran / Heather Trick

Directed by:
Brad Lewter

Story by:
Jim Story

Faculty Advisors:
Jim Story
Stella Sung
Darlene Hadrika
Max Croft
JoAnne Adams

Original Music Composed by:
Stella Sung