The latest campaign from Bama is inviting us to the summer garden
of TV chef Lise Finckenhagen. In idyllic settings, she is informing us
about potatoes and tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, carrots and
what have you. With great enthusiasm, new outfits and simple
recipes, she tells us in 7 short films all we need to know about how
to prepare those vegetables and berries. The slogan is – now we
know, and what we know is good for us. We think Lise is right, and
it looks very good, indeed. Directed by Sten Hellevig and produced
by King of Popcorn. Post-produced by Jon Anders Klausen and Hocus
Focus: Edited by Ove Kenneth Nilsen and Henrik Berge, colour grade and online by Haavard

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