Barbecue in Paradise (Short film with GH23 / Hacked GH2)

On a beautiful sunny sunday we had a nice little barbecue in our lovely garden. I used the opportunity to shoot a colorful shortfilm with my hacked GH2. The star in this film is nature itself. Thanks for watching! PS: Yeah! The meat was delicious 😉

Panasonic Lumix GH2 / GH23 (Stalin Hack)
Manual Video Mode (Cinema Mode 24p)
Shutter Speed always 1/50 of a second
Smooth (-2, -2, -2, 0)
ISO 160
WB Sunlight
Panasonic Pancake 20mm 1:1.7
Aperture 1.7
Olympus Zuiko Digital 35mm 1:3.5
Aperture 3.5
LCW Fader ND Mark II Variable Neutral Density Filter
Edited in Final Cut Pro X
No color correction at all
Music from Magix

Panasonic Lumix GH2
Manual Photo Mode
JPG = Smooth (-2, -2, -2, 0)
ISO 640
WB Manual
Panasonic Pancake 14mm 1:2.5
Aperture 2.5
Shutter Speed 25 seconds
Intervalometer: JJC TM-D Timer
180 photos in 240 minutes
Point of the compass: North-East
Exported with Time Lapse Assembler (15 frames/second)

This is how I hacked my GH2 (Easy Tutorial):​updated-42-mbps-gh2-ptool-v3-62d-patch-visual-instructions/