Black Lips – Starting Over (Unofficial Music Video)

Unofficial Music Video for the Black Lips first single “Starting Over” off their new album 200 Million Thousand.

This is my entry into the now defunct Black Lips Music Video contest that was held on here on Vimeo. I put a lot of effort into my video for the contest so I figured maybe people who are fans of the Black Lips would like to check it out. A winner was never declared, which was suppose to have been announced in April 09, they (Vice Records and Christopher Roberts) never replied to any of my e-mails that I sent them asking about this contest and they never even acknowledged any of the contestants efforts.

Though this isn’t an official Black Lips Video, I would like to keep it up here for anybody passing by.

Shot on Cannon XH A1
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3​alwayswrongfilm​alwayswrongfilmredux