Blackmagic URSA EF – Preview Shots for Upcoming Shortfilm / Inlusio Film

All the clips were filmed with the Blackmagic URSA EF camera. Note: This video has been down converted to a much smaller file size. Also remember that Vimeo re-converts. Therefore this isn’t the exact same quality as we see viewing it in true Ultra HD.

The shots haven’t been graded. The scenes you see in this video is for a project we at Inlusio Film are working on. This is just a rough selection of our scene, but we wanted to show what we were up to, and give you guys some more previews with the Blackmagic URSA EF.
We will make a better rendered conversion later.

Lenses used:
Samyang 35mm Cine Lens
Samyang 85mm Cine Lens

The music is by, The Secession Studios.
The Wanderer- The Gunfighter
The music is fully licensed.


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