BLOCKADE: Two Souls (Shortfilm)

► Crew

Idea & Written by Devin Balimuhac
Direction – Pritam Dua, Jan Marcel Ernst, Giovanni Passig & Devin Balimuhac
Camera – Giovanni Passig, Calvin Serrano, Devin Balimuhac & Eike Simon
Lights – Giovanni Passig, Calvin Serrano, Devin Balimuhac, Eike Simon & Ju-Yong Kim
Unit Production Manager – Pritam Dua
Make-Up Artist – Vesna Pejak
Clapper – Larissa Jung
Catering – Ufuk Balimuhac
Data Wrangler – Max Anders
Editing, VFX & Color Grading – Devin Balimuhac
Sound Department (Lord of Sound) – Leonardo Nerini

► Cast

Luca Storz as “Agent Luca Storz”
David Jonas Frei as “Agent Smith”
Devin Balimuhac as himself
Andreas Hecht as “Der Arzt”
Max Anders as “Der Passant”
Larissa Jung as “Agent #1”
Natalie Riesenberg as “Agent #2”
Pritam Dua as “Agent #3”
Richard Lipp as “Agent Angus”
Alexander Clemens Pramor as “Agent Young”

► Music

Édith Piaf – Non, je ne regrette rien
© 2009 Open Records

Jeff Beal – House Of Cards Theme Song
© 2013 Hollywood Studio Symphony

Pro Scores by Video Copilot – “Land This Thing” & “Abyss Destruction”

“The Escalation” & “Chaos Day” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe – “The Infraworld”
© 2013 Sony Computer Entertainment

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