Born to Skate – Test of Time (Alex Mizurov – Super Slow Motion)

Born to Skate – Test of Time

This clip is a bonus clip which I slightly remixed for the Vimeo version. It is created from shots of our 78 minute full length Skateboarding documentary “Born to Skate”

This clip was realized with Frank Gabler, who gave us his High Speed Cam for free, just to do this cool Skate shots.

Extra thanks to Frank for making this possible.

The beginning shots, were shot with the Sony EX-1, the End shot with the tattoo too.
Everything in between. Frank´s Slow Mo Cam.

We just shot about 4 hours, and then get really badly kicked out of every spot in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The skater is Alex Mizurov. You may know him from the és Game of Skate which he won in 2006. He is one of the best Skateboarders alive.
The Kickflip-Shoes-Out was done by me.
I always wanted to do that in Super Slow Mo. A dream came true that day.

We hope that will be able to release the film internationally so that you can see it soon. We are in the worldrelase via Red Bull, but we still need supporters, for the international relase.

We want to release it with a Cinema tour, as we have done in germany. So give a big shout out to the Born to Skate team.

Now enjoy, again and again… Will Skateboarding endure the test of time?

Music: EF – A Tailpiece