“Breathe” is a story about a young girl who lost her memories and a familiar dog who helps her find them.

This is my senior year thesis film from School of Visual Arts. Please watch until the end! It’ll make you feel better 🙂 Maybe..
Thanks to everyone who supported me through this entire process!

Jodelyne Arias // Animation, Matte Painting, Compositing, Sound design

Additional Compositing // Elaina Brillantes, Zamantha De Gula, Alexis Jo, Ryan Rakes
Additional Matte Painting // Anne Fong, Karis Oh
Additional Sound Design // Anne Fong, J.D. Gardner
Music Composer // Braden Deal

Thesis Advisors // Luke DiTommaso & David Hulin

Special Thanks
John McIntosh, Jimmy Calhoun, Brian Frey, Eran Dinur, Brendan Gallagher, Chad Sikora, Clay Holley, Jerome Thelia, Boaz Livny, Josephine Mark, Rachel Ubanos, Janelle Guzman, Mom, Dad, Joules, Jolyne, family & friends, and the SVA Computer Art family

For some behind the scenes stuff, check out my thesis website:

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