“Bruderherz” Canon 7D shortfilm by the – Latzke Brothers –

“Bruderherz” (German and translates to “my dear brother”)

My brother and I came up with the story about two brothers that reunite after many years of separation. What starts as a harmonic evening in Brussels quickly loses control and builds up to the final climax.

We wanted to find the best way to test the new Canon 7d with the excellent 17-55mm IS/2,8 lens in low light situation. All the shots are using natural light sources and ISO always stayed below 1600. I used some Tiffen filters to smoothen the image out.

The image and control you get from the Canon 7d with canon 17-55mm IS/2,8 lens is amazing. It’s so compact and discrete that you can basically turn any location into a film set. There were only two shots where pedestrians looked into the camera. Sound is the only difficulty with this camera.

Simon Baumgartner
Remi Beelprez
August Cesar Hill
Danny Bartlett
Rostom Cheikh-Aissa
Patrick Colas

Make up:
Paula Hammond

Costume design:
Danny “Darko” Bartlett

Rene & Maurice Latzke

Rene & Maurice Latzke

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