C4 Random Acts: ‘Behind The Lens Cap’

// Short film broadcast as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts series (2013)

// Directed by Spike Morris & Oscar Hudson
// http://spikemorr.is & http://oscarhudsonfilm.com
// A Bad film – badcollec.tv

‘Life through the viewfinder of a camera is a series of picture-perfect moments broken up by the darkness behind the lens cap. But what happens when that cap is lost and the world between the smiling snapshots and happy faces is suddenly exposed?’

Shot on an iPhone 5


Female lead / Grace Young / http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2197180/
Male Lead / Tom Clarke



Direction, Camera, Edit / Spike Morris / http://twitter.com/spikemorris
Direction, Camera, Edit / Oscar Hudson / http://twitter.com/oscar_hudson
Producer / Aaron Z Willson / http://twitter.com/aaronzwillson

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