UPA CAVALINHO – Clipe Música Oficial – Galinha Pintadinha DVD 4 – link...

"Upa Cavalinho (Letra): Pocotó, pocotó Pocotó, pocotó Upa, cavalinho Upa, cavalinho Piuí, piuí Piuí, piuí Lá vem o trenzinho Lá vem o trenzinho Bem-te-vi,...

Hear & Now 09 E04 – Mixed-use: Designing for communities, Claude Touikan

https://vimeo.com/178300307 Wrapping up our 'Future of mixed-use' mini-series, Claude Touikan shares the importance of learning from lessons of the past. Hear & Now is our series...

Hear & Now 09 E03 – Mixed-use: Designing for people, Chris Lohan

Part 3 of our 'Future of mixed-use' mini-series sees Chris Lohan explain why we keep the end user in mind throughout the design...

Hear & Now 09 E02 – Mixed-use: Designing an experience, David Buffonge

In part 2 of our 'Future of mixed-use' mini-series David Buffonge talks about how experience plays a vital part in a successful development. Hear...

Hear & Now 09 E01 – Mixed-use: Designing for lifestyle, Simon Chua

In the first part of our 'Future of mixed-use' mini-series Simon Chua explains the importance of designing lifestyle attractions into mixed-use developments. Hear &...

Crayola ‘When I grow up’

One of a series of short films showing how children can use the Crayola range of products to explore their creativity. Likes: 0 Viewed: 0 Fonte...

Deep Down David Lynch / Candice Drouet

1.000.000 Frames 39 / Deep Down David Lynch / Candice Drouet Sing With David Lynch Dark Night Of The Soul EN : "My Life...

Missing Shoe

"Missing Shoe" is Story about a guy who's been in the influence of alcohol and commit a terrible accident and run away from...

Kyle Smith Editor Demo Reel

Demo Reel highlighting my work on the short films "The Outside of Life" and "These Days." Likes: 0 Viewed: 0 Fonte - Source

Jessica + Edson

Short Films Jessica + Edson - Gypsy Wedding - Casamento Cigano Likes: 0 Viewed: 0 Fonte - Source

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