Vimeo Festival + Awards Judge: Andy Bruntel

Andy won the Music Video category at the 2010 Vimeo Festival + Awards for Liars "Scissor" He is serving as a judge for...

Bowser & Baloo

A video by Anton Jansson & Joakim Rignell source source

Seamus McKeon Remix / A Philthy Feature

A little remix of Seamus from previous edits and some older unused footage mostly filmed in Charlotte, NC. Filmed and Edited by Phil Jones source source

D|Focus DSLR Mount Setup

Tutorial for setting up the D|Focus DSLR mount Shot with GH1 @ 1080 24p Note: The DSLR mount is an option accessory for the D|Focus....

Castrol – Tested to Perfection

A hyper-realized product demonstration transforms newly reformulated Castrol EDGE motor oil into an animated super hero that flows through the toughest challenges a...

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Welcome Edit

Welcome to the team Biz. Filmed by Will Stroud & Mike Dies Edited by Will Stroud Music Naughty By Nature "Uptown Anthem Instrumental" source source

S20 Opening

source source
video – Product Journey

Bwin had an ambitious idea of how to create a sophisticated product demo to enhance registrations for their site, PostPanic’s Mischa Rozema...

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