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D|Focus DSLR Mount Setup

Tutorial for setting up the D|Focus DSLR mount Shot with GH1 @ 1080 24p Note: The DSLR mount is an option accessory for the D|Focus. It is not included by default. source source

Castrol – Tested to Perfection

A hyper-realized product demonstration transforms newly reformulated Castrol EDGE motor oil into an animated super hero that flows through the toughest challenges a car engine endures to deliver on the promise that it is “Tested to Perfection.” Project: Castrol Tested… – Product Journey

Bwin had an ambitious idea of how to create a sophisticated product demo to enhance registrations for their site, PostPanic’s Mischa Rozema took on the challenge and developed the futuristic architecturally led on-line world of, seamlessly incorporating live…

Dutch Design Week 2010

Created by OddOne Commissioned by Volle-Kracht Every year in October, DDW takes place in Eindhoven. Dutch Design Week is the largest design event in the Netherlands. DDW is supported by the Eindhoven design community, which is a stimulating and dynamic…