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    Special Effects

    How to create DIGITAL MATTE PAINTINGS in your films | Photoshop & After Effects tutorial – link video

    This video has been updated and re-uploaded to show a much better process for the Photoshop section! We've been having fun with 'matte painting'...

    Pulp Fiction with a Cat – video

    "A parody of Tarantino's Pulp Fiction starring my cat OwlKitty" - by OwlKitty (YouTube) - video: Seguici anche su, Telegram: su

    Albano in Jurassic Park, il deepfake imperdibile – video

    "Jurassic Albano" è l'imperdibile Deepfake realizzato dopo le parole sui dinosauri rilasciate in tv dal popolare cantante (Made by: Amarcord Produzioni):

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