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    Lost in a skiers dream – Bakhmaro/Georgia Part 1: The trees and the village

    In times like these, in which man dominates nature so heavily, untouchedness, wilderness and loneliness are more and more rare. Thus the true...


    We live in a new era of intrusion. I wanted to make visible the invisible violence of the moment we are living in. Beware...

    What Youth: Hello, Sea

    A surfing boat trip through the Mentawais is usually a dream trip. And hell, maybe this one was too — but it just...

    The Robbery

    This is part of The Minutes Collection, a Fullscreen Original. Watch every episode here: Created by Jim Cummings and Dustin Hahn source source

    Where We Stand

    Where We Stand is the BAFTA nominated short documentary on a controversial group of Mormon feminists fighting for women’s ordination in The Church...


    ATARAXIA is a short film that was born after a discussion with a good friend, Rudi. Rudi is a runner, he loves the...

    Far The Days Come

    Far The Days Come A tree fell and somewhere in a cold unknown land, man discovered fire. Fire saved man and comforted him. Time passed,...


    DOGWALKER | Written & Directed by Kim Sherman, Starring Sarah Hagan & Keith Poulson The dark-comedy adventure of a young...

    Marshall McLuhan / / A new film by Daniel Savage commissioned by Al Jazeera on the philosopher Marshall McLuhan. Narrated by Alex Chow, a...

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