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    Seed Matters

    The fact that today, most seeds that grow our food are bred by agrochemical companies to be chemically dependent is totally @#$%’d up....

    How Does an Editor Think and Feel?

    For the past ten years, I’ve been editing professionally. Yet one question always stumps me: “How do you know when to cut?” And...

    Metronomy “Old Skool”

    Directed by Dawn Shadforth source source

    Max Man & Maya Man

    About the Work WOW has produced a 4K battle movie that personifies 3D animation software, “Max Man & Maya Man.” The special movie in...

    Daddy’s Girl

    A short thriller/horror by Jed Hart. Funded by Creative England/BFI. Vince, a Dartmoor prison guard and father of one, comes across an abandoned kid's...

    Shakespeare Lives in 2016: Macbeth

    Directed by David Wilson Animation Director: Ian Miller Executive Producer: Paul Weston Producer: Corin Taylor Series Producer: Anne Beresford Development Producer for British Council: Roisin McLoughlin Lady Macbeth: Vicky...

    Some Kind Of Quest

    What happens when artwork becomes life’s work? When creator becomes a caretaker? SOME KIND OF QUEST, from Sylvain Labs, Greencard Pictures and director,...

    Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening Over two years in the making, Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening features an international cast of skaters ranging from street connoisseurs to...


    Inspired by the Los Angeles riots, a power hungry nine-year-old tries his hand at filmmaking. Official Selection at New York Film Festival, Locarno, Rotterdam,...

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