Dance is… [Cinedans oneminute]

An interactive interpretation of dance, performed live in 60 seconds. All visual effects were achieved in-camera, using an interactive installation I’ve created. (How?

* MARCH 8, premiere screening @ Cinedans Festival 2013, EYE Amsterdam, The Netherlands *
* MARCH 17, screening @ Mister Vorky short film festival 2014, Ruma, Serbia *
* APRIL, winner Free Theme @ One Minute Festival, Saõ Paulo, Brasil *
* JUNE 6-8, screening @ BANG Awards Festival 2014, Torres Vedras, Portugal *

Concept + direction // Ramon Schreuder
Choreography + dance // Milang Lie Meeuw Lew & Nick van de Ven
Original music // George Hyde

Produced by
Created with Quartz Composer

DANCE IS… (2013) Artist Rationale

“It’s a performance.
It is live, dynamic, always in motion and never the same; evolving over time with trial and error.

It requires inspiration, hard work and refined craft.
It is forged slowly – often with joy, sometimes painfully, yet always with determination.
Rehearsing until your body can dream the movements,
Expressing thoughts and emotions beyond words.

It’s a celebration of life:
Energy, passion, personal expression,
Feeling alive and being connected,
Losing yourself whilst having total control,
Ultimate freedom…

It is dance.”

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