Daniella Draper – A Messenger

Daniella Draper Jewellery draws upon inspirations from life, love and travel to create a unique range of keepsake jewellery.


Director – Mark Waters (markwatersfilm.com)
Producer – Sophie Powles
Actress, Voice over, writer – Sophie Powles
Cinematographer & editor – Mark Waters
Music – Steven Gutheinz – Bleaching the White Fence
Location – Daniella’s home town in the North

Designed and handcrafted in her boutique studio/showroom her pieces boast rustic charm and timeless elegance, an amazing collection that appeals to all ages. Every piece is incredibly unique having been designed and hand-made by Daniella herself. Her eclectic collection allows each person to build their own personal collection of bangles, charms and stamped quotes that reflect them and their style and personality. Daniella’s jewellery is so distinctive both in its unique style and beauty that it makes for a perfect gift that brings joy to the people we love.

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