Defgrip Originals – Ed David

With all of the internet videos floating around online these days it’s a rarity that a single one can gain so much resonance and stick into your memory bank, affect, and actually impact you. While countless videos dwindle out of existence in the matter of minutes, what makes a piece of work really grab you, draw you in, and leave an impression on you? the engaging pace, story, and subject matter?

A while ago we randomly came across a few short video pieces floating around online that instantly engaged us. The first was titled “Martin the Tailor” which was a story about a Jewish immigrant who had moved to New York and started a tailoring business, and the other “The Archive”, which focuses on a single individual who owns the single largest record collection in the World. We were very drawn into from the subject matter and the story and how beautifully they were shot, we had to get a hold of who was behind them. We happened to be out in NYC a little after we came across them and thought we would try and get a hold of Ed David, the Director of Photography, to ask him a few questions about what it takes to create such a piece and what people often never consider. We sat down with Ed and asked him a few questions to see what really gives a glimpse of what goes into making such a piece.

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