Delirium – Short Film about Synthetic Weed

A non-dialogue synthetic-stoner short film about synthetic weed inspired by Reefer Madness, Marihuana and other drug exploitation films.

At a party a guy is persuaded by his friends to smoke some fictional synthetic drugs known as Delirium, and has a paranoid episode. This episode includes time distortions, altered body image, audio/visual hallucinations, and ultimately climaxing in a paranoid delusion about a man in a trench coat who he thinks is after him.

Written and directed by Branden Wittchen, Produced by Luke Angelo-Roberts, Cinematography by Matt McFarlane, 1st AC Samuel Pockets Nicholas, Gaffer Armin Dzafic, Production Design by Alana Osbourne, Editing and Sound by Peter McFarlane. Original Music by Matt Angelo-Robert, Luke Angelo-Roberts, and Branden Wittchen.

Starring Naveen Varghese, Abhishek Mehta, and Patrick Bourke.

A Griffith Film School Project.

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