DER BESUCH – Trailer

The 8 minute tragic-comedy DER BESUCH from Austrian director Conrad Tambour tells the story of an old woman, who, to the horror of her son, is cooking up a meal in the middle of the night for her long-deceased friends.

Fantasy, dream or reality? What is the difference? When people get old…

The film features the voices of famous Austrian actors such as Erni Mangold, Erwin Steinhauer, Klaus Ofczarek and Ingrid Burkhard. DER BESUCH is Conrad Tambour’s graduation film at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg.

Chitrakatha ’11: Winner of Chitrakatha ’11
Content Award Vienna 2011 1. Platz Infoscreen Award
Content Award Vienna 2011 2. Platz in der Kategorie “Characters”
Cutout Fest 2011: First Place Narrative Category
FATPIGtures – Jugendfilmfestival: Preisträger in der Kategorie “Filmstudenten”
2. Unnaer Kurzfilmfestival Fatpigtures!: 1. Preis in der Kategorie “Filmstudenten”
FBW-Wettbewerb: Best short October 2011
Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Preis 2012
Hamburg Animation Award 2011
Sehsüchte 2011: Bester Animationsfilm
shnit International Shortfilmfestival: Magic Jack (Kurzfilme < 10 Min.) Shortynale 3. KLBG Kurzfilmfest: Ehrenvolle Erwähnung Skena Up International Students Film and Theatre Festival: Best Animation Award U.FRAME - International Academic Video Festivals: Best Animation WATERSPRITE - The Cambridge International Student Film Festival: award for "best animated short" WATERSPRITE - The Cambridge International Student Film Festival: award for "best screenplay" Stoke Your Fires Film Festival "Best Student Animation" XXS Dortmunder Kurzfilmfestival: 2. Platz 13. Jenaer Kurzfilmfestival Cellu l´art award for "best screenplay" DIAGONALE Festival of Austrian Film: best new comer of the year Copyright 2011
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