“Die Regeln Des Erfolgs” (Shortfilm)

Shortfilm “Die Regeln des Erfolgs” (The Rules of Success)
Synopsis: Tim has a dream. He wants to become a famous action superstar like his big idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The only problem is: His body is just not in shape for the task, so he has to do something about it. Quick.

Written, Produced & Directed by: Ruben Kempter

Director of Photography: Johannes Laidler
Camera Assistant: Jan Wittekindt
Light: Johannes Laidler, Patrick von der Goltz
Make-Up: Marlene Hermann
Sound-Mastering: Jens Baumgart | Stutt i/o
Post-Production: Ruben Kempter
Music: Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now, The Atomic Fireballs – Man with the Hex
Cast: Jens Kuntzemüller

Shot on Red Scarlett, Post-Production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
© 2012 Ruben Kempter

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