Can you smell that? Yes that’s the fine scent of change in the air. Okay let’s cut the fluff talk before we start sounding too much like an ad campaign for a budding politician.

Here’s a hard fact for you, with a total global population of around 7.4 billion, we feel it’s important to stand out from the crowd. We want to be different and help bring your unique stories to life and disrupt the current film climate while doing so.

It’s very important for Magnetizer to show our range, but also not to fall into the category of jack of all trades, master at none. We are young, agile and have the ability to adapt to all projects big and small. We are like a fine blended wine, 37% old school, 45% new school, 10% adventurous and 8% of the house cabernet sauvignon.

NOTE – This is part of a series of films for Magnetizer’s ‘About’ page on their Website.

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