Ah the things we do for love. In our latest short film, Beth learns that matters of the heart can get a little wonky when donating blood is involved. Starring Stacey Hinnen and Dana Powell from HBO’s Veep and ABC’s Modern Family.

Stay on the laugh train. Check out our outtake reel from the shoot, here:

Directed by: Paul Emerson
Written by: Paul Emerson & Dana Powell
Starring: Dana Powell & Stacey Hinnen
Stunt Double for Ms. Powell: Janelle Foszcz
Director of Photography: Tim Wilson
Produced by: Tony Biaggne
Editor: Lucas Harger
Production Audio: David Kerins
Sound Design: Steve Horne
Wardrobe: Marissa Blume
Hair & Makeup: Priscilla Case

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Viewed: 128030