Double Trouble – A Short Time Travel Comedy

“Double Trouble” is written and directed by Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft. The short time-travel comedy stars Emelia Hansson, Mattias Thernström Florin, Marcus Thernström Florin, Jonny Blomkvist and Karen Helene Haugaard.

It is the story about a shy young man who misses the opportunity to talk to the girl of his dreams.
When he finds a mysterious pocket watch that can turn back time, he gets a second chance…

The film was financed through a successful Kickstarter campaign and shot in September 2013. We were also supported by and collaborated with Way Creative Films, Solid Entertainment, BoostHBG, Redhawk Productions, Ystad Kommun and Filmcentrum Syd.

Cast & Crew:

Producer: Lisette Nilsson
Executive Producers: Tobias Roediger & Christian Hallman
Directors: Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft
Cinematographer: Nils Croné
Original Music by: S. Peace Nistades
Sound Designer: Mathias Schlegel
Production Design: Afsaneh Larsson
Makeup: Vivianne Selariu
Production Sound Mixer: Tahu Parkinsson
Gaffer: Bella Bryngelsson
First Assistant Camera: Björn Wilthorn
Second Assistant Camera: Gustav Olsson
First Assistant Director: Sergej Israel
Production Assistant: Christoffer Lysell
Body Doubles: Patrik Andersson, Tobias Nilsson

Editing: Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft
Visual Effects: Jimmy Johansson, Andreas Andersson, André Hedetoft
Color Grading: Andreas Climent & Nils Croné

Music Recorded and Mixed at: Alkaloide Music Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Scoring Mixer: Ken Goerres
Orchestration Consultant: Pantawit Kiangsiri
Orchestrator: Ian Yen-Chu Chen
Scoring Assistant: Keith Mello-Hall
Technical Equipment Advisor: Howard Gale
Executive Music Producer: S. Peace Nistades
Associate Music Producer: Jennifer M. Cook
Cello: John Krovoza
Woodwinds: Rory Mazzella
French Horn: Allen Fogle

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