Drama / Action Double Film Collection

Action drama on StacksTV.xyz features 2 amazing films by 2 amazing filmmakers.


Abstract look into the depths of one man’s mind as he copes with an unbearably gruesome tragedy.

Directed by Jordan M. Lacroix

From Guilt Trip Productions, Bryce Declan Images, and Laughter Slaughter Films

Starring Brett J. Kelly, Alena Teply, Justin Martins, and David Hadley.

The Runaway Queen

A short film about the struggles of a woman who risks everything to bring life to a character from her best friend’s controversial novel.

Written by: Javid Radfar
Directed by: Gloria Yazdani
Produced by: Javid Radfar, Gloria Yazdani
Director of Photography: Arsen Ourmouzov
Composer : Nick Di Flice
Edits: Graeme Powell


Sebastian Deery
Gloria Yazdani
Iraj Rezaei
Sadaf kooroushnia

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