Dream in Color short film – pipeline test

Hi guys,

I’ve finished an important phase in the pre-production of my short film. This short clip was created as a final test to see if everything works fine in the actual production.

A few notes:

– If you blink while watching this clip, you might miss it 🙂

– The goal of this clip was to test as many things as possible. The garden is the perfect set for this, since it features leafs reacting to wind, cloth simulation, and dynamics. Due to the detail in the vegetation the scene is also quite intensive to render and memory-demanding.

– The project was created with Cinema 4D R14. Older versions would not have been able to pull this off, since it needed the enhanced Xrefs, SSS, and GI.

– This isn’t the final quality – the scene is not yet completely detailed, and the animation isn’t as polished as it would be in the actual film. There was no point in polishing the animation since this isn’t an actual clip from the film. There are also minor mistakes like intersecting geometry – all of which I didn’t really care about for this test.

– Much time has gone in to render optimization to keep rendertimes low, since I want to be able to render the animation at home without the help of an expensive external renderfarm.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more updates!

For more info, check out this blog-post: http://www.raeven.be/archives/first-testfootage-dream-in-color/

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