DUSK Official Movie Clip #2: Prison Break (2016)

DUSK is a superhero short film written and directed by 13-year-old Malcolm Terry and produced by Emmy-winning filmmaker Allan Luebke.

After being falsely accused for the death of his friends, a teenage street crook named Tim is mentored by a cellmate in how to become a hero. After a prison break, Tim finds himself in his original surroundings and becomes a crime­fighting vigilante who attempts to save the city from a new villain known as Nightmare.

Malcolm Terry is an award-winning student filmmaker from Portland, Oregon. His passion for action and drama films began with his directorial debut NIGHTMARE IN THE COFFEE SHOP, at just nine-years-old. He’s since directed twenty-­three short films and attended six filmmaking camps. He received the Biggest Entourage Award at the International Silent Film Festival for his stop­motion film Stan The Man.

Completed May 2016.

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