Editors – Every Conversation Within You 2012 (complete collection)

Here are the complete collection of 3 short films that appeared on the “Every Conversation Within You” mini-website that Editors set up in June of 2012. The website’s title comes from the song Nothing which was still unreleased at the time, and the footage was shot by Hand Held Cine Club.

This year marked the first time that the band really experimented with the technology and power of the internet, having already embraced it with their myspace and facebook profiles, as well as their online forum (R.I.P.). They opened Instagram and Twitter accounts (Mr Smith has since consciously uncoupled from his) but, most importantly, the band set up a small website where you could go to and watch these beautiful short movies. They showed behind the scenes footage of Editors preparing for their return to action with The Weight of Your Love.

There’s a wonderful calm that is present in all three films, which is in stark contrast to the underlying turmoil from which they were produced. What we didn’t know as we watched them originally, was just how close to the edge of oblivion Editors were at this point.

They played Werchter during June 2012 when the original “Film 1” and “Film 2” both came out, and we now know that this was a gig that almost didn’t happen. The year up until that point had been extremely dark. They’d parted company with founding member Chris Urbanowicz in April, and the creative process that had led to all of the music up until then, from The Back Room to In This Light and On This Evening, was now in a state of collapse. Tom was not 100% behind Editors actually playing Werchter at all, but it appears from interviews conducted since that his bandmates talked him into it. The resulting performance, which in my opinion contains one of the most emotional live renditions of Two Hearted Spider they’ve ever done, was amazing. You can see them making the walk to the stage at Werchter, as well as the firework finale of that gig during “Film 3”.

They were effectively cemented as a 5 piece unit (with Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams on board) at Werchter, before moving onto recording The Weight of Your Love album in Nashville. This was also something they documented in video form. For us fans, these videos became a series of little weekly events in themselves as they chronicled the recording process and posted them on their official youtube profile.

The “Every Conversation…” videos represent a brief lull, and a moment just before the hurricane of activity that the campaign surrounding The Weight of Your Love brought with it. The irony being that things in Editors’ world were far from placid when they made them. The most important thing to take away from these videos, is that they were the first real signs that the band were coming back at some point from their prolonged absence. Hope you enjoy watching them.

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