My first short film, a 3D animation made as my final project on my 1 year Computer Animation short course at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada.
It’s about a happy clown named Elidi that comes out of a pop up book and she meets the sad marionette in the corner of the old study room desk. Elidi means “The Gift of the Sun”.
A very heartwarming story made to make you all smile and happy.

Enjoy : )

“The Clown is the ” puer aeternus” , the eternal child in all of us – the innocent who sees things as they really are and not as convention decrees, who can be counted on to tell us, in the loudest possible voice, that the emperor’s not wearing any clothes. It is the part of us that has never grown up, that lives in the heart and in the moment, with no past to regret and no future to dread – the part that only wants to play, completely free of responsibility.

It offers us respite from our self-doubts and fears, and opens the door to joy. And the best part is, we are all already our clowns. They are here inside us, waiting for us to recognize them so that they can come out and play” – Jan Henderson

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