“EMPSILLNES” Award Winning Sci-Fi Animated Short Film by Jakub Grygier

FILM WEBSITE: http://empsillnes.byethost3.com/index.html
Empsillnes – animated short film, science-fiction drama , Poland 2015
director Jakub Grygier

logline: The last survivor of destroyed spaceship meets his enemy in the void.

Empsillnes is an animated short film directed by Jakub Grygier. The story is a mix of existing well known stories with big influence coming from computer games and many sci fi films. The plot shows struggle of main hero alone in space in reality where artificial intelligence took control over the World. Making of the movie took 4 years and entire visual aspect of the film have been created by one person Jakub Grygier. The music and sound is created by compositor Pawel Gorniak. The cinema version of soundtrack was mastered in PostMeridian Productions company based in Warsaw.

Best CGI at 2015 SCI FI Film Festival.

Director Producer Screenplay
Jakub Grygier
contact: nordenworks@gmail.com

Sound and Music
Pawel Gorniak

Storyboard and Previs
Pawel Wojciechowicz

CGI and Animation
Jakub Grygier

Alicja Uzarowska
Damian Stempniewski

Photogrammetry Consultant
Rafal Kwasny

Special Thanks
“Hescomp” computers Wroclaw
Piotr Grygier
Adrian Kajda www.max3d.pl
Jedrzej Bukowski

Film type: Animation
Animation Type: 3d
Title: Empsillnes
Runtime: 11min 45s
language: english
available formats: DCP, h.264
resolution: 2K (16:9)
framerate: 24fps
sound: dolby 5.1
genre: science-fiction
budget: 25000 USD
date of completion: 1st January 2015

Director and owner of the film gives permission to download small resolution poster from location above and put it anywhere for promotional purposes.


Director and owner of the film gives permission to download trailer from location above and put it anywhere for promotional purposes.

Jakub Grygier is self educated visual effects artist. He was born 7th July 1988 in Wroclaw, Poland (Lower silesian district). From early childhood Jakub have strong interest connected with drawing and art. Very early he started create digitaly which few years later brought him into visual effects industry. he was inspired to work with digital and matte painting by the Star Wars and Jurassic Park series. He decided to end his studies after graduating from a grammar school specialising in architecture in Wrocław and became a self-educated graphic designer and Science-Fiction fan.

He worked for most of the leading Polish graphics studios (Techland, Platige Image, Chimney Pot, Filmgarden etc.) on various computer game projects (Dead Island, Dying Light), TV commercials, feature films (Antychryst [Antichrist], Melancholia [Melancholy], Essential Killing, Skrzydlate Świnie [Winged Pigs]).

As a contractor for The Moving Picture Company in London (Wrath of the Titans, Jack the Giant Slayer, Ronin 47). As a contractor for Double Negative he created visual effects for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation He lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada and enjoys astronomy and WWII history as hobbies.

After many years of getting experience in vfx industry Jakub decided to produce and direct his own animated short film called Empsillnes. It took him 4 years to complete a movie from a scratch where whole visual part is created only by him.

Jakub have plans and screenplays for more short animated films. One of the project also science-fiction is in early preproduction.

The first draft of the script was written 10 november 2010. Story is based upon various science fiction novels, films and video games. Its a mix of elements which director decided to be the best for science fiction genre. There was big emphasis to make hard science fiction story where physics and visual aspect of the film is close to what you might expect in reality. The story itself was most important part of whole project. Its written in a way to be very simple with an ending where everyone could create his own explanation. Film and story is designed in a way to be well understood and accepted by teenagers, young science fiction fans.

The preproduction of the film started with storyboarding and creating simple animatics which took a year until final edit. Then the process of 3d model and characters creation took place. Production was on hold for many months until Jakub Grygier finished contract for visual effects at Moving Picture Company. Then Jakub work 1 year and 3 months to complete animation before rendering final image. Here Pawel Gorniak took a part and created amazing score for entire animation. He also was responsible for sound design.