Enter Faith (2011)

Ted Karlsson’s debut short film tells the story of Peter who gets fired from his job and on his way home a bucket of water falls on him. Distraught he hurries home only to find that his fiance leaves him. Are you feeling Peter’s pain yet? Well, you should. Peter then grabs the vodka, pills, a rope, a gun and dashes to the bridge. He wants to end it but faith intercepts him.

Starring Jonas P Hardebrant with Susanna Zacharoff. Shot by Jacob Roya and Sean Cohen on SI2K & RED. Edited on Final Cut Pro, color graded on DaVinci Resolve. Music by Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings composed by Leonard Bernstein. With rights from Sony Music. The end credit song by Shallow Sense “Stay” The epic poster and trailer banner is done by David Roya.

Copyright 2011 © Ted Karlsson & Chilibow Ltd. Film Production. All rights reserved. www.chilibow.com / www.enterfaith.net

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