Enter The Detective – Chapter 4

Written, Produced, and Directed by Paul Hildebrandt

Detective – David Watkin
Crime Scene Officer – John Brown
Ski-Mask Thug – Ken Dahl
Bandana Thug – Scott Brown
Cabbie – Jonathan Hourany

Cinematography – Paul Hildebrandt
Radio Voice – Melinda Hildebrandt
Boom Operator – Ryan White
Production Assistants – Ryan White, Jon Martin, Sean Peters, John Brown, Shawn Dyer, Jasmine Ingersol, Bill Donnelly
Editing, Color, Sound, Effects, Foley, Music – Paul Hildebrandt
Grips – Bill Donnelly, Jon Martin, Shawn Dyer, Jasmine Ingersol

Special thanks to my Wife for letting me stay out until 4am and play director! My Cast and Crew, Not Quite Hollywood Studios, Tony’s Liquor, Wittmeier Auto Center, and the CSUC Campus Police

Shot in Chico, CA on a Canon 7D with the Canon 50mm f.18 and Sigma 18-55mm Lens

Budget: $90.00

Rendered in MP4 Mainconcept. Unfortunately the video was rendered slightly darker than it appeared during post.

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