Ewen Munro’s Personal Journey #5 – Update

AnythingFILM.com is open to the public! Short Film coming. Short Story is up on my site. Am working on a new Short Film.

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Hey, world! I just wanted to do a quick update on stuff with, uh, life right now. Pretty much, anythingFILM is up for the public, which is, you know, cool because it means that we can start bringing people on board and bringing people together and actually make more stuff, so we can make more content and it’ll be cool and hopefully you’ll like it. But, yeah, I still believe in it, I still strongly believe in it, I think it just makes sense that filmmakers and creatives of all types really struggle to make projects because they don’t have funding and businesses want traffic to their business, so why not bring those two together and, you know, make-make films and make art and help businesses grow their business? It was just always a smart idea and now I’m happy to announce that it’s live — and here’s a bus, always ruining my video blogs, vlogs — it just made a lot of sense when Raf and I set out to do it and now it’s open to the public. I’ll leave that… — Hello, bus! Again. Sorry. And another one. Ah, yeah. That actually happens a lot, just letting you know. It’s-It’s why a lot of my vlogs take a lot longer than they should. And it doesn’t help that I don’t have the best sound equipment because I’m just putting it into the camera. But moving on. I’ll leave that link to anythingFILM up there, to the site. What else is happening? I’m going to try and make another short film. I don’t like promising people that sort of stuff. It’s not good to have expectations because you can’t realize what’s going to happen into-in the future. As well as, I don’t think it’s ever fair to put an expectation on someone because that’s not fair to them; which is why I said it wasn’t fair in the first place, um. I have gotten my short film back, my last short film. Hopefully, be cool to show you guys that. Last thing I guess is happening is…oh yeah, the short story. That’s on my site now. I will also leave a link…wherever that is. Uh, and lastly, I guess, how I’m feeling with all this, you know…I said this about expectations before, I don’t think it’s ever fair to put expectations on yourself or on anyone because you just, you just shouldn’t put that on someone. But when I did start this out I kinda had an expectation that at least around this point or this benchmark I would be on the precipice or beginning that snowball effect, which honestly isn’t really the case. That’s not…making me upset and it’s not — it’s doesn’t mean I’m going to quit, becase — in fact, I’m the complete opposite of that; I still have so much to give. I just feel as if, and I think this is the thing that’s bugging me is that I think I’m just like a little bit off from creating that momentum and I’m just not quite sure yet what I need to do to do that and I-I really do feel like it’s just one or two things and I’m just not sure what it is…but I guess the answer to that would be to keep hacking and keep hustling and just keep going at this and then, at the same time, try and realize what it is I might be missing. But having said all that I still believe in everything that I’m doing, I still believe very, very strongly in all of this…I just feel right now that I’m about, I’m just like 2 cms off and I haven’t realized yet where those 2 cms are or what it is, I just…Anyway, that’s it, so, uh, yeah, stop listening to me. Uh, have a good day or, yeah, I mean, have a great day, obviously. Uh, “keep growing”, is what I normally say. And…yeah, that’s it for now and today…actually, it’s not it for today. That’s it for now. Bye.

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