Fata Morgana

Burning in the desert sun, Eduardo – a lemonade seller with a small stand – is fighting the urge to drink his last and final bottle of refreshing lemonade. Then, a thirsty customer comes crawling towards his stand…

Independent short film, part of the NTR KORT! program 2011.

direction: Frodo Kuipers
script: Rudi Brekelmans
animation and design: Frodo Kuipers at Studio Mosquito
voices: Lee M. Ross, Simon Zwiers
sound: Jeroen Nadorp
music: Alex Debicki
final mix: Jeroen Nadorp at Bob Kommer
production: il Luster Films
co-production: NTR

financial support: Dutch Filmfund, NTR, CoBO Fund, Mediafund

© il Luster Films / NTR 2011

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