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The heartbreaking story of two people and a cat, stranded in post-apocalyptic underwater Brooklyn.


Follow Sam, Evan, and Hippo the cat as they struggle to survive and find meaning in a flooded world haunted by remnants of the past.

Fathoms is a film by Joe Russ, Inspired by the loss of his father to cancer at the age of 17, and informed by his love for all things scifi, mystery, and horror.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Fathoms has been a labor of love for Joe. Made during nights and weekends, he created the story, animated, and composited the film over the course of six years. The locations are inspired by his commute from Park Slope, Brooklyn into Manhattan.

Full Credits: http://mografi.com/fathoms/#credits


“A heartbreaking story set in post-apocalyptic, underwater Brooklyn” – io9

“Haunting Animated Short About Two People and a Cat Stranded in Post-Apocalyptic Brooklyn” -Laughing Squid

Fathoms, Haunting Animated Short About Two People and a Cat Stranded in Post-Apocalyptic Brooklyn

“a stunning animated short film that tells the heartbreaking story of two people and a cat” -GeekTyrant

“It always staggers me when an individual comes up with something like Fathoms, especially given the millions often invested in animated movies by large corporations.” -Kuriositas

“a touching, relatable and beautifully melancholic short film…you’re going to have to set some time aside to watch this one, but believe me – it’s worth it.” -Neatorama

“Es geht darum, den Sinn in einer scheinbar sinnlosen Welt zu finden.” -Zeit

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Fathoms by Joe Russ

“It’ll break your heart, and it’ll haunt you” -Entropy



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