Fernweh Shortfilm

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More and more trouble spots and conflicts are developing nowadays in this beautiful world, in countries like Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, North and South Korea, …. still far too many and far too often, and a lot of kids are involved!

With our short movie Fernweh we try to appeal to our viewers emotionally and create awareness for the damage caused by war. People only take action when the situation is nearby, but ignore that we all share the world with each other.

The story is about a woman looking back at her past as a young girl. The woman believes in the fact that her past has been very nice and cheerful, but in reality she has suppressed that she was a victim of war.

The invented memories and the memories that really happened are fluctuating in her mind, and causing emotional breakdown. She would rather live in the cheerful and happy world, but at some point this world doesn’t appear as good after all.

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