//Fangirl goes out to LA to interview her favorite actor. Actor is gracious enough to grant said interview. And that’s it. Fangirl spends every night and most of the rest of her time in LA alone.//
In this installment of the F&F vlog, we find your girl heading out to Los Angeles to interview Joshua Burge. If you are unfamiliar with his oeuvre, his most recent work includes “The Revenant” and the soon to be released “20th Century Women,” but he’s best known as the star of the award-winning indie films “Buzzard,” and “Ape,” the short “Coyote,” and as the lead singer of Chance Jones (whose songs often appear in my other work). The actual interview will be out in August (so subscribe to this channel or you’ll miss it). This video is mostly about the trip and me handling my emotions, which honestly…after a little moping and a little drinking, I was fine. Because really, what the fuck did I expect was going to happen? (He’s a 10, I’m a 2, he’s in a relationship and has a career, I’m…a total nobody.)
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