foodluck | July Tuin aan de Maas

July: field pie, purple bean, flat bean, oakleaf lettuce, lollo rosso, chard, black berry, poppy, lavender, cornflower, starflower

Every month we make a short film with the flowers, fruits and vegetables we collect in our local vegetable garden “Tuin aan de Maas” in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Every time we are amazed by the unexpected beauty that we find.
Concept creatives Eline Wieland and Katrien van der Eerden connect the eye to the natural world in food & film. In a dedicated process they develop a unique visual language to touch your palate. The visuals are simple and sophisticated and bringing concepts to life in art based, animated commercials and short films. For the future of food they support the nose-to-tail, root-to-stalk and farm-to-table context.

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