Because deep down inside, aren’t we all Fred Armisen?
Watch the movie critics have called “…definitely the best version of whatever it’s trying to be.”

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Directed by Avishai Weinberger and Oren Herschander
Written by Oren Herschander
Edited by Avishai Weinberger 
Original Music by Georgia Mills
Executive Producer: Oren Herschander
Cinematographer: Avishai Weinberger
Associate Producer And All Around Great Guy: Naftali Ehrenkranz

The Writer: Oren Herschander
Oren: Loren Snoreschander
Fred: S’mores Rochester
Scott: Oreo Highlander
Dog: Oren Steve-Buscemischander
Agent Smith: Oren Hugo-Weavingschander
Girlfriend: Oren Jennifer-Lawrenchander

Filmed on location in Brooklyn, New York, Earth, Galaxy Milky Way.

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